© 2005 Stefan Gruenwedel

Miss Flighty at Film Arts Festival

My short documentary film, MISS FLIGHTY IN ORBIT, will be screening in November at the 21st Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema in San Francisco. The 11-minute documentary screens with other shorts about the theme of collecting on Sunday, November 6, at the Roxie (3117 16th Street @ Valencia at 12 noon. I can’t wait.

I shot this film at the beginning of 2005 for Brook Hinton’s digital video production class at Film Arts Foundation. It’s taken forever to get into something sensible. Michael Koch, a student in the class, helped think of what to ask our very interesting interview subject, Alberta Straub—a fabulous bartender who works at the Orbit Room CafĂ© in San Francisco, coincidentally not far from the FAF class.

Read more about the film.

21st Film Arts Festival flyer